We are closed for rennovations.

From the 25th June to the 15th of August 2019. Sorry for the inconvenience. 

Welcome to ud af boksen, 


Looking for new ways of entertainment? Do you want to test your brain under pressure? You can now do it with us, we have created an Escape Room here in your town, Aalborg.


What is an Escape Room?


First of all it’s a game, don’t forget that, you are here to enjoy and have a good time!


Second it is a live escaping game, you will enter a story and you will be the main characters, unfortunately they are trapped and they need to escape.


You will need all your skills and think out of the box to get out, there will be locks, keys, hidden objects, all of that will eventually get you out of the room.


What if I still have doubts when I arrive?


Don’t worry, it is a 90 min experience with a game master:


15 minutes for explanation, questions and story telling


60 minutes game, that’s the time you and your team (max 6) have to escape.


15 min of feedback, talking about best moments during the experience, how you felt... etc.


What is a Game Master?


The game master is the person that guides you through your time in our Escape Room. He or she will answer your questions and give you a hand once you are trapped, he is basically part of the team.